What's Kululu?

More photos & videos for you. More fun for everyone.

Collect your wedding photos. Automatically.

Get every photo, video or Story your wedding guests upload on Instagram using your wedding hashtag. We collect everything automatically for you.
Photos Collected

Show the love on a Live Slideshow.

Display a live slideshow that updates in realtime with every photo, video or Story taken by your guests. Easily share it on projectors, TVs, tablets or wherever you like during your wedding.. Your guests will love it!

Get a digital wedding album. Immediately.

Stop running after your photos. We collect all the photos and videos taken by your guests (during & after the wedding) and save it in a beautiful web album you can view and share with your loved ones without waiting for anyone.

No apps required. No technical hassle.

Guests just add a hashtag on Instagram Stories & posts or upload it to your wedding page. Everything will be shared on  the Live Slideshow and saved to your digital wedding album automatically!

You're always in control.

With a powerful yet simple dashboard, moderation tools and our support  - you’re always up to everything. Anywhere. Anytime.

How Kululu Works

Your guests have all the fun while we handle all the heavy lifting.
Set up an event
Signup, create an event with a unique hashtag for your wedding, set time and date and add your guests.
Guests snap & add a hashtag
We notify your guests your event is starting and start collecting automatically every photo, video and Story published on Instagram using your unique hashtag, as well as any media uploaded via your wedding page.
Photos are shared in realtime!
The magic happens - every photo and video are shared in real-time on a stunning slideshow you can display anywhere. In the meanwhile, we take care of collecting everything to a digital album you can view or share with your friends & family immediately when the event is over!

It's Super Easy To Start!

Signup and create your event. We'll take care of the rest.
The goods you get
Automatic photo and video collection from your guests
Live Slideshow that shows all shared photos & videos in real-time
beautiful online wedding album to share with anyone, immediately
Intuitive dashboard and moderation tools
SMS notifications to your guests - before and after the party
Full support from us to get most of your wedding
Create Your Event
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Photo sharing? Instagram wedding hashtag? Don't mess up your big day with some clumsy app.
Use Kululu and get your photos and videos without any stress.

Other Photo Sharing Apps
Photo & video collection from guests
Live slideshow that updates in real-time
Digital album/Web Gallery
Instagram posts & Stories support
No apps required from guests*
Moderation tools
Support and help
* Except Instagram app (for collecting posts & Stories with your wedding hashtag)

Happy Couples Means Everything!

Join 600+ couples who already used Kululu to make their wedding
Hilla & Tom's Wedding
“Kululu helped us getting more than 1000 photos and videos from our guests. The ceremony, dancing, food - we had every single angle of it!"
Jen & Chris's Wedding
Your photographer can’t be everywhere - this gave us so many angles and candid photos we wouldn’t have gotten (900+)! And no waiting to see them (unlike a photographers photos). HIGHLY recommended.
Dor & Limor's Wedding
“Using Kululu was a breeze and all it took from our guests is to add our wedding hashtag on Instagram or upload it to the wedding page - and then everything was magically appeared on the live slideshow we had in center of the venue!”
Ilana & Gal's Wedding
“Our guests had such a fun being starred on the slideshow and we received so many authentic photos. Best decision we made in regards to our wedding!”

Have questions?

Check out our FAQ and let us know if you have any questions in the chat bubble.
Why should we use Kululu in our wedding?

Tons of photos and videos are taken by your guests - won’t it be a waste you’ll never see it? With Kululu you can actually get every photo/video/story taken by your guests and have it nicely packed in a beautiful digital album you can share with your loved ones immediately after the event. Moreover, you get a live slideshow that can be displayed anywhere (projectors, big screens, TVs) and updates in real-time with every photo/video taken. This unique approach encourages your guests to take share even more photos while making the whole experience fun for everyone.

How does Kululu’s automatic photo sharing work?

Kululu’s system collects every photo/video posted on Instagram using a hashtag of your choice, as well as anything uploaded to a wedding page we creates especially for you.

What is the Live Slideshow?

The Live Slideshow is a live feed of photos, videos and Instagram stories shared by your guests during the wedding in real-time. Guests will see every Instagram post/Story or media uploaded (via your wedding page) on the slideshow immediately. The slideshow can be accessed through any device with internet connection and you can display it on projectors, big screens, TVs etc. From our experience - guests love being shown on the big screen and it's also something nice to watch in the background while guests eating, dancing or taking short breaks during the wedding.

Do you collect Instagram Stories as well?

Yes, we do! Don’t lose your wedding Stories just because 24 hours have passed - we’re here to help you! Stories bring a new and colourful dimension to wedding events and we proud to be the only platform out there who supports it.

Not all my guests use Instagram, can they still participate?

Of course! Our platform designed to play well with everyone (Yes, grandma, we got you covered). Guests can upload photos via an easy-to-use wedding page we created especially for you. This page can be accessed easily on any phone. We’ll be sharing the link with your guests via SMS and it will be publicly shown on your live slideshow.

We already have a photographer so why should we use Kululu?

No doubt your photographer is going to be amazing, but there’s no way he or she can be everywhere. Your guests capture such  valuable moments during your wedding which gives you an opportunity to view an authentic side of it, crafted by your friends and family. Moreover, your photographer can also upload photos she takes during the wedding and it will show up in the Live Slideshow as well - how cool is that?

Although not intended to, some couples find Kululu as a budget friendly alternative for full-time photographer for their event. We're welcome any case. :)

Why is this better than photo sharing apps?

With Kululu, no apps required - not from you and not from your guests . Installing unknown apps is so 2010. It requires a lot of work and hassle so few guests end up doing it, resulting in less photos for you. Moreover, some apps disrespect your's and your gusts' privacy with invasive policies and might sell and use your data. We don't do that. Give the power back to your guests with a simple and intuitive approach.

What do we need to make Kululu work?

Basically you don’t need anything - Kululu collects everything automatically for you and save it in a well designed digital album. We do encourage you to display the slideshow during your event. It simply a web link you can display everywhere (projectors, TVs, big screen, tablets, etc.)- it increases the engagement of your guests as well as the fun and celebration(everyone want to be on the big screen!).

How would guests know which hashtag to use?

Through several ways:

  1. SMS Notifications - once the event starts, we send your guests SMS notification with all the necessary details regarding your wedding, including your wedding hashtag and an wedding gallery upload page (which can be used to upload photos manually without a hashtag).
  2. Live Slideshow - the hashtag is shown (and upload page link) clearly on the photos slideshow so guests can easily see it in case you display it on projectors, TVs and other screens.
  3. Printed Cards/Signs - You can print cards containing all the information regarding your wedding hashtag and upload page. You can find cards ready to be printed with all the details on your dashboard.

What if an inappropriate photo or video is shared?

Our system automatically detects inappropriate photos and videos using AI and Machine learning technology. Moreover, you can always delete any photo or video manually using your dashboard which can be accessed from any phone with your account.

How does Kululu use our guests’ information?

The privacy and security of your guests are is a core value of Kululu. Unlike other photo sharing apps, we don’t collect anything taken by your guests without their permission (guests explicitly add a hashtag or upload it manually via your wedding page). We make sure to contact your guests only as it relates to your event (reminders, notifications. etc.). Unlike others, we don’t sell or use your photos in anyway without your explicit permission.

Can I share the slideshow with friends and family who could’t come?

Absolutely! You can share the slideshow with anyone you want and they will be able to follow you along and see what’s happing remotely.

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