The easy way to share and collect birthday photos 🎈

Create your own Live Photo Wall that updates in real-time with every photo and video shared by your guests. Everything is saved automatically in a stunning Digital Album.
STEP 1: 

Create Your Birthday Event

Create your own personalized digital album. Set a title & date, change colors and backgrounds and more - make this party truly yours!
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Birthday Party Photo Sharing App
Birthday Party Photo Sharing App
STEP 2: 

Share your Digital Album with your guests

Your album can be easily accessed via a unique QR code or a direct web link. Display it anywhere you want (TVs, projectors, print it and put on tables) or simply share the link on WhatsApp/SMS/email etc. No app required from your guests to participate!
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STEP 3 (Optional):

Display it all on a Live Photo Wall

Up for some fun? Add to the party a Live Photo Wall (slideshow) that updates in real-time with every photo and video added by you or your guests. Easily display it on projectors, TVs, tablets or wherever you like - it's simply a web link which runs on any device with a web browser.

What else makes it awesome for birthday parties? 🦄

No Apps Required
Neither you or your guests need to waste time on downloads. Just enter the link or scan the QR and let the magic happens.
Add a logo, set a title, change colors and backgrounds and more - customize your event to make it really yours!
Captions Support
Guests can add a caption to a photo/video to make things even more fun, interactive and personalized.
Private & Secured
Your photos are privately yours. No one else can view or access your photos besides the people you share it with.

Helping Birthday Parties Around the 🌍

Making birthday parties more fun and enjoyable it's our job!
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Emma's 30's Party
🇺🇸 United States
I was looking for a photo sharing app for my 30's birthday and glad I found Kululu because it was exactly what I was looking for. I shared the digital album link with all my friends and family and received ton of photos.. everyone said they liked it and so do I. Totally recommended!
Hazenfest's Pool Party
🇩🇪 Germany
Every year I gather all my friends to celebrate my birthday, and this time I was looking for something unique - luckily I found Kululu that added so much for the "good vibes" at our party! Already working on next's year party with it :)
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Ivy Dad's Birthday
🇬🇧 United Kingdom
We used Kululu for my dad's birthday (60s birthday!). We went to a small venue and displayed the live photo wall on the projector inside. Everyone added beautiful (and funny) photos with my dad through the years and it was truly special. Super recommended for any occasion.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I use Kululu on my birthday party?

Tons of photos and videos are taken by your guests - won’t it be a waste if you never see it? With Kululu you can actually get every candid photo/video taken by your guests and have it nicely packed in a beautiful digital album automatically. Some of the moments there are priceless.

And.. it's fun! People like to take part of the event and see themselves on the big screen (using the Photo Wall). We get a lot of feedback that it "levels-up" the good vibes and leave a mark on the guests.

What do I need to make Kululu work?

Kululu's digital album is a simple web link you can share with your guests to collect photos directly. Easily share it  like any other link  (email, WhatsApp, SMS etc.) or event print the QR code.

The Live Photo Wall is also just simple a web link that can be opened on any device with internet/WiFi. Connect it to TVs, projectors or where ever you like, so you and your guests can see it during the event.

Once set up, all left to do is scanning the QR presented (with your phone camera or favorite QR app) to upload new photos/videos or view the existing ones.

Do I or my guests need to download an app?

Nope, no apps needed. Unlike other birthday party photo sharing apps, Kululu doesn't require this kind of effort from your guests.

All they need to do is scanning the QR code and follow the steps to upload their photos/videos.

You can also send a link to your Digital album beforehand so people can enter it directly (SMS, email, WhatsApp).

It's so simple to use it even grandma can do it. No Joke.

What if an inappropriate photo or video is shared?

Our system automatically detects inappropriate photos and videos using AI and Machine learning technology 🤖. Moreover, you can always delete any photo or video manually using your dashboard which can be accessed from any phone with your account.

In our experience (of 1000+ events), guests do behave and respect the event owners. However, if you're concerned of misbehaving of random people in the event, you can always turn on the moderation feature so every upload must be approved first (unless it comes from people you trust).

We already have a photographer, should we use Kululu?

No doubt your photographer is going to be amazing, but there’s no way they can be everywhere. Your guests capture such valuable moments during your event which gives you an opportunity to view an authentic side of it, crafted by your friends and family.

Moreover, your photographer can also upload photos she takes during the event and it will show up in the Photo Wall/Digital Album as well - how cool is that? 😎

Although not intended to, some people find Kululu as a budget friendly alternative for a full-time photographer for their event.

Do I have to use the Live Photo Wall?

Nope, it's totally optional but super recommended. The Photo Wall encourages your guests to upload more photos/videos they have taken and also adds a new dimension of vibe and fun to your party. You can also ask your photographer (main photographer, magnets etc.) to upload their photos so everyone can view it during the event. Guests are blown away by this!