Affiliation Program for Wedding Service Providers

Become a partner and get money for each client you bring in.
Are you a wedding photographer, DJ, host, events venue, or any other service provider that works in the wedding industry? Do you think your customers will love Kululu?  Join our affiliate program and share our product with your customers. You'll get a 30% reward for referring new users.
Earn a 30% commission on sales you generate
Your unique referral link
Make your client's event 10 times better
Join our affiliation program!
Who can become a partner?

Any service providers who work in the wedding industry.
You have to join our program first. Once we approve you, we'll send you a unique link you can start share with your clients.

How much money can I earn?

There's no limit. Let's do a simple example:
Our average revenue per user is about $100 (USD), and you get 30% of it.
If you share Kululu with 10 of your clients you'll get: 10 X 30 = $300 for basically doing nothing.
On top of that, you'll get a digital album for free you can share your photos with your clients and a live slideshow you can upload your photos during the event in real-time. How cool is that?

How do I get paid?

You'll be automatically paid for each client via PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer or Payoneer.

How do I share Kululu with my clients?

After we approve your registration you'll get a special link you can send to your clients.
Once a client enter this link, if she makes a purchase, you'll get credit for it.
Don't worry if they won't make the purchase on the same session they entered your link. Users have 30 days to sign up after clicking on your referral link to be connected to your affiliate account.